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How It Works

On sign up, your club gains access to it’s own dedicated area of the site which includes sections for:

And, most importantly:

To become a member of a club, a user purchases a square of that club's pitch for a small fee determined by the club. The member then gains access to their own personal area of the site where they can enter bio, history, achievements and upload a profile image. The fee paid is a once off fee which means the member owns their square and profile for as long as they wish.

Any member participating can, as their career within the club progresses, upload their achievements on an ongoing basis (on the field or Administrative) with the result that the site through time becomes a historical record of the entire membership of the club.

This site will be of huge value to the Minor and Juvenile sections of Clubs as they, very simply, document their winning paths through our G. A. A. ranks.

The Club Committee and PRO will encourage the older, middle – aged, and younger members alike to participate in compiling what can be a current, live record if its membership. This information will be of huge historic and nostalgic benefit to every Club.

The Silver lining for all Clubs is that there will be an immediate income from the uptake of existing members whilst also being a continued income stream for years to come as new members join.

Who Benefits

  • The Club in recording valuable membership information.
  • The Club through historic and nostalgic recording of club membership information.
  • The Club in increasing its profile locally and nationally.
  • The  Club FINANCIALLY  through  its  levy  on  members  for  sign-up  access  to  the  website.
  • Personal access  means  that  the  individual  member  can  upgrade  their  own  profile  at  any  time  unlike  the  Club  Website  where  only  one  person  has  access  and  thus  it  sometimes  becomes  neglected  for  updates.

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Setting up an account and registering as a member of your club is a simple process. To begin, follow the 'Sign Up' link.

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Club Registration

To have your club's account activated, the club's chairperson or secretary must complete and sign the club registration form and return with the applicable fee enclosed.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How long will a member own his/her square for ?

A. For life and or as long as the member wishes to have their profile on show. It is a once off payment for life membership.


Q. Is a Club Facebook Page not a better option ?

A. Facebook is more for social interaction. Unlike this site it does not make any money directly for your Club. This site is purely G. A. A. orientated and designed specifically to record a members profile on or off the field and hold it indefinitely for informative and historic purposes. It is also meant for members enjoyment whilst making money for your Club at the same time.


Q. Is €350 not too dear for this product ?

A. Definitely not for the longterm revenue stream that is on offer. A mere 35 members at €10 each covers the Club’s entire outlay or seven advertisements at €50 each. The advertising revenue can be generated annually plus there is no cap on the amount of ads. the site can hold. Twenty ads at €50 each per year is € 1,000 extra income for a Club without any work plus the extra revenue from members signing up.